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Hello! If you are interested in fostering a dog, please fill out the below information!

Address (if different from location of future foster):
Phone Numbers (Home, work, cell)
E-Mail Address:
Do you prefer to be contacted via phone or e-mail?
Do you rent or own your home?
If your lease allows dogs, please provide contact info for the person(s) we will need to verify this
Are you a licensed driver with a vehicle?
Are you financially able to provide food, water, toys, and other necessities for the foster?
Please list the occupations of the adults in your home and the contact information where they can be
Please list all the individuals and their ages that are in your home.
Do you currently have pets?
If yes, please list what they are and their name and age.
Please please if your pets are spayed/neutered.
What made you decide to be a foster?
Is there a specific type or breed of dog you would like to foster? (Small, large, low maintence, old
What size dog are you interested in fostering?
Gender preference?
Are you willing to foster a special needs dog?
Are you willing to housetrain the foster?
Does your schedule and physical ability allow you to provide frequent exercise for high-energy anima
Do you have knowledge of basic obedience techniques, or are you willing to take the dog to obedience
Please list all pets owned in the last 5 years, who are no longer living with you, and why they are
Provide 2 references: a vet reference and one other reference not related to you.
Do you have any questions/concerns, or additional info that you need to ask, or inform us on?
If approved, when will you be able to begin fostering for Carrie's Canine Rescue?